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Green Planet

Efforts in USA

  • Stay updated with environmental news
  • Watch latest media efforts
  • Review of books and documentaries on environment
  • Involve with community efforts for better tomorrow.
  • Raise your hands against enemies of planet
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Bioenergy is derived from biological sources such as wood, waste, and alcohol fuels. In a narrow way it is a synonym to biofuel; the fuel derived from biological sources. In its broader sense it includes biomass which is the biological material used as a biofuel. This is a common misconception among masses, as bioenergy is the energy extracted from the biomass, as the biomass is the fuel and the bioenergy is the energy contained in the fuel.

Burning wood for heat is a good example of Bioenergy. In more complicated terms, bioenergy can be formed by using genetically modified bacteria to create cellulose ethanol. Although oil and coal are made from organic mater, they are not considered to be bioenergy as they were not living recently.


Wind is a renewable resource because it is limitless. Wind power is the fastest growing electricity generation technology. It is a result of the sun heating the earth unevenly; some patches become warmer than others. The seasonal changes in temperature constantly generate wind, thus producing a fuel source that will never exhaust. As long as the sun shines, the wind will blow and people will harness it to power their lives.

How it works:

The Sun heats our earth unevenly causing some patches to become warmer than others.


Benefits Your Health and Preserves Planet Earth

The definition of "green living" is something more than choosing paper instead of plastic grocery bags, recycling beer cans and newspapers, driving a fuel efficient car, eating organically grown food.

These activities certainly contribute to keeping our planet Earth and our personal health in good shape... But understanding "green living" and what exactly does it have to do with improving personal health and energy brings us to a broad definition of green living: Green Living is any action or activity that results in a positive impact, to any degree, on the environment so that the planet can continue to support the generations to come.


The ultimate source energy is the sun which provides the earth with light, heat and radiation. Every hour the sun radiates onto the Earth more than enough energy to satisfy global energy needs for an entire year.

When sun's energy is harnessed and made useable it is called solar energy. While many technologies derive fuel from one or the other from form of solar energy, there are also technologies that directly transform the sun's energy into electricity.

Solar energy is our earth's core source of renewable energy since generating electricity directly from sunlight does not deplete any of the earth's natural resources and supplies the earth with energy continuously.