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The term Geothermal Energy has been derived from Greek origins, "Geo" which means earth, and “therme” means heat, combined to mean: earth-heat. This form of energy has existed for as long as the Earth has existed.

Geothermal energy is a resultant of heat within the earth’s core. It falls under the category of renewable energy because of the limitless ability of the earth to produce magma and the constant transfer of heat between subsurface rock and water. This form of energy uses the steam and hot water generated inside the earth to heat buildings or produce electricity.


Climate change isn’t just about a few degrees variation

Here it is the altering of environment faster than we can possibly predict the consequences. The debate ! whether changes are coming but how severe they’ll be.

Global Warming

Global warming is the gradual raise in temperature of the Earth's surface that has aggravated considerably since the industrial revolution. Over the past two decades the effect has become more than noticeable. The global average temperature has increased 14 to 18 degrees C since the late 1800's. Many experts estimate an additional 14 to 18 degree rise in the average temperature by 1


Ocean waves are caused by the wind blowing across the sea. There is tremendous amount of energy stored in the ocean waves. Waves are a powerful source of energy.

The total power of waves breaking around the coastlines all over the world is estimated at 2-3 million megawatts. One way to harness wave energy is to focus the waves into a narrow channel which increases their power, size and impact. The waves can then be directed into a catch basin or may be used directly to spin turbines. There are a few small wave energy plants, but no big commercial ones. The best potential can be harnessed on small, on-shore sites for immediate future. These produce enough energy to power local communities.


Eating well for yourself and the planet

The best approach to a low carbon diet: think what you're eating; know where it comes from, who picked it for you and exactly how it got from seed to table.

One of the most polluting everyday activities is food consumption, when impacts during product life cycles are considered. Greenhouse gas emissions from the food sector are extensive and need to be lowered to stabilize climate change.